“Be part of the heart – Night tours in Tel Aviv” was founded June 2013. We aim to expose visitors to Israeli culture and nightlife from a local point of view. As an avid traveler myself, I have always aspired to learn from the locals where I was visiting instead of going through the ordinary touristic routes. During my travels I have learned that after the sun goes down, everyone around the world have their own customs of after dinner activities. In our tours I will show you all the areas to party in TLV,  to allow you to be part of the local scene and taste TLV nightlife as one of us.

I have been partying in TLV for more than 18 years, working as a bartender for 7 years in a few different bars. For 2 years I have been a production manager for universities and college events. Recently I studied tourism and worked as a travel agent, all brought me to this time and place. I have watched the night life change and develop, I have changed different types of styles and music interests with time and visited a variety of bars and clubs around the world and in TLV specifically. Tel Aviv today is considered by most people one of the best party cities in the world. There are more than 1,750 registered bars in a 10 square km radius and an answer for every style and standard.

For me, there are many ways to describe Tel Aviv, it is called “The white city” and “The city that never sleeps”, there are beaches and beautiful sunsets, and of course – the people that make it what it is. As I see it, this city is like a beating heart that is filled with love, light and pumping veins of life blood (mixed with alcohol). Join us for an unforgettable night out, come and be part of the heart!